Healthy Eating Tips Both Outside and Inside Home

Eating healthy is important to stay hale and hearty and live longer. In today’s fast moving life style it often becomes difficult to maintain strict  often eat outside foods that are not at all healthy. But here are few simple health resources that can help in maintain the nutrition level of the meal even while having outside food.

Healthy Eating Tips Both Outside and Inside Home
  • It is better to have lean meat
  • Have considerable amount of salad with low calorie salad dressings
  • It is better to have boiled and grilled dishes instead of fried stiffs
  • Cut down the portion of the meal by sharing the dish or by ordering small portion of the dish
  • Avoid eating everything in the buffet.
  • Stay away from the fillers that are given with drinks or with other food items

It is better to eat something before dinning outside. It will prevent over eating. It is also not necessary to have a complete meal from starters till dessert only because you are dining outside.

These are the simple tips to eat healthy food outside home. It is also equally important to maintain the nutrition level in home made food. Here are few simple tips that can help in preparing healthy food at home.

  • It is important to check the quality of the food item while purchasing
  • Clean and pack food properly before storing
  • It is better to store food items properly in the freezer
  • Try to eat the food items within few days
  • It is also important to maintain the hygiene level while cooking
  • In order to reduce the amount of fat in the food item it is better to use applesauce instead of butter or oil
  • Use non-sticking cooking spray instead of butter to grease pans
  • Have brown rice instead of white rice
  • It is better to have freshly cooked food items

To have low calorie desserts it is better to have natural sweetening agents in the form of fruits and vegetables. It is better to check the nutrition level of whatever is eaten both outside and inside the house. Good nutrition helps in growth, development and maintenance of body parts. It improves body immunity  also helps in proper mental functioning. So eat healthy to stay away from diseases and live longer.… Read More

Herbal Granny Knew Best

I can still remember in horror my grandmother grumbled in her overgrown garden picking these leaves in the leaves, throwing them all into a pot of boiling water and drinking it. Of course at the time I, plus a lot of the other young members of the family, thought she was quite mad and more than a little weird. What we didn’t realise at the time was that Grandmother was saner than any of us and quite the herbalist, and it seems,  quite a brilliant one at that. As much as I rack my brain I can’t remember her suffering from anything so common as the common cold in her entire long life time. Of course, some might say it had nothing to do with her unusual er…habits, she was just one of those lucky few who experience a better health for most of their charmed lives. Of course, I can’t argue with that. However the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that she knew something I didn’t. She knew I believe, some of the old ways. The ways that somehow tied us to the land for everything that we needed. The land, Mother Nature if you like, sustained us. Not just for our food but also (and doesn’t it make a lot of sense when you think about it), for our health.

Herbal Granny Knew Best

Let me explain, I’m not one of those people we want to go back to. For all the grandmother’s wisdom, she still could not cure Rickets, TB, or Polio. Those terrible diseases that almost die will come later when we are wiser and vision is more hygienic. No, what I’m suggesting is a combination of both. A partnering of the knowledge of the past with today’s expertise in science and what have you. Of then and now. The fact is we’re moving far too fast and as we speed along we forget. We forget the good and useful things from the past. And I believe we forget at our peril. The way I remember it, my Grandmother treated herself. Whenever she appeared to be developing a cold for instance, there were no trips to the doctor, no bottles of cough mixture or pills, no, there was a towel over the head and a hot bowl of something to sniff and breath in. Ok, so it wasn’t very nice to look at for us kids, but it seemed to work.

Of course the truth is, we haven’t really forgotten. We’ve just become impatient. We just don’t have the time to be ill. We want an instant fix, which of course has its downside. Pills, pills and more pills. Anything to hide the symptoms and give us the false impression that we are as good as new and can carry on.

But all is not lost. At least I don’t think so. Thankfully, judging by the number of Herbal Remedy type shops that seem to be springing up everywhere Grandmother’s skills seem to be undergoing something … Read More

Are You Still Writing for GP Reports to Manage Absence? – 5 Reasons To Think Again

As an experienced Occupational Health Nurse, I have always wondered why it is that some HR professionals and managers write to GPs rather than ask an Occupational Health specialist for a report to help them to manage absence. Occupational Health is the speciality of medicine which has the knowledge skills and training to provide advice on fitness for work in any industry setting and also has specialist knowledge of the diseases of occupations

Asking a GP, who has never had any occupational health training or even visited a workplace, for an opinion on fitness to work, rarely provides any useful advice on capability. It generally lengthens the management of the absence as GPs are very busy and can take weeks before a response is received and the report can be expensive.

Maybe it’s time to review your approach?

1. In my experience, non-medical people writing for a GP report are mostly wasting their time. I know that seeking further medical evidence is advised in many management of absence procedures, but I do not believe writing to a GP will give you anything other than a report which states the employee’s perspective on their medical condition. Once that is written in a report, it can sometimes ‘stranglehold’ the employer into a corner it is difficult to get out of without being seen to be unreasonable.

‘If Mrs Jones could be given a job nearer to home with light duties, reduced hours and a different Manager, I am sure she would be able to return to work’

2. The GP report may advise you of an employee’s diagnosis, but can you really make a judgement on what work capability an employee has from a medical diagnosis? If for example they are diagnosed with bi polar disorder, endometriosis or sciatica where does this leave you? Can you be absolutely sure that you are aware of all reasonable adjustments possible for these conditions? Fitness for work is about capability and not disability and the majority of GPs do not have enough knowledge of the workplace, diseases of occupations or risk assessments to provide a report which can be used by employers to manage a case forward with confidence in the workplace.

3. Reasonable adjustments are required if a condition may be likely to fall under the provision of the Equality Act 2010. This is however ultimately a legal and not a medical decision, but identifying what your obligations are in terms of disability legislation, can be complex and the tribunals are busy with cases where employers have not considered what the employee can do, rather than what they can’t. GP reports do not generally offer much helpful advice in this area and employers can easily fail to make simple adjustments just because they have not been given enough guidance on what can be done in the workplace to increase the capability, or ‘workability’ of employees with a medical condition. The GP will confirm that a medical condition is present, but how does … Read More

Simple Steps to Start Eating Healthy

Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is one of the things that many people are ignoring these days as life tends to become too busy with goals, chasing dreams and of course, dealing with day to day stress and challenges. If you are one of those trying to start living a healthy life, read on for some steps to help you start eating healthy as well.

Indeed, eating healthy is one of the biggest steps to help you start living a healthy life. Aside from that, you also need to start an active lifestyle which is also one of the most ignored elements of living healthy as well.

– Assess your daily routine. This will help you assess how much calories you will also need to get you going through your daily activities. To start eating healthy, you need to balanced your diet as well as your metabolism as well.  If you are someone who does a lot of physical activities during the day, then you may be someone who needs more calories, but of course, this does not mean that if you are sitting all day in your office table you can already cut down on your food to stay on your ideal weight. One purpose of this is to avoid overeating, which is one of the rules you have to keep in mind to start eating healthy and maintaining a healthy life as well.

– Go for more vegetables and fruits in your diet but don’t eliminate important food groups. To start eating healthy, you have to increase your vegetables and fruits and add a variety of them in your diet. A variety of fruits and vegetables are great sources of a variety of nutrients needed for your body and you should try to eat a variety of them each day. Of course, do not forget to add other important food groups into your diet. Carbohydrates are important as well as protein and fat but make sure you have a balanced one.

– Avoid overeating by not skipping breakfast or any other meal. Skipping meals can lead you to overeat later in the day and that can lead to more and more calories left unused by your body. Also slow down your eating. This will allow you to listen to your body which of course, has its own natural way of telling you that you are already full. The faster you eat, the more chances that you ignore your body’s signals leading you to overeat.

– Avoid foods that are just plain empty calories and bad fats. Fast foods as well as junk foods are among those that may not do good to your health. Once you give in to junk foods and fast foods, you may find it difficult to stop as well, thus if you want to start eating healthy, then make sure to avoid these types of foods as much as possible. Although you may occasionally try fast foods, make sure that … Read More

Snacking Healthy at Your Local Vending Machine

Whether you’re sitting in the office or strolling the mall, vending machines can beckon temptingly. The problem is that they tend to be filled with unhealthy sugary or fried snacks that can foil your resolution to maintain a healthy weight. But if you must succumb to the temptation, read on first to find out which vending snacks are the better choices.

If it’s your sweet tooth that’s giving you a hard time, opt for snacks like granola bars and animal crackers. When it comes to candy, pick those that have raisins or nuts in them, like many trail mixes do.

If the munchies have you craving something salty, however, avoid fried snacks like potato chips. Instead try unsalted or lightly salted nuts.

Pretzels and baked chips are also good options. Although baked chips do not necessarily have fewer calories than fried chips, the chances are they contain less fat, making them the healthier choice.

Check your vending machine to see if it carries dried fruit snacks. Because of their convenient packaging that keeps them from spoiling, dried fruits are a great option for a busy person on the go.

New vending machines are being tested in some areas in the U.S. These refrigerated snack machines carry fresh fruit, providing dramatically healthier options for consumers.

When looking for something to wash down your snack with, remember that water is always your healthiest bet, although low-fat milk and unsweetened tea are fairly healthy beverages as well. If you must have something sweet, diet and sugar-free drinks trick the body into sweet satisfaction without adding the extra calories that regular sodas carry.

Don’t be fooled by juices. Even all-natural juices contain high amounts of sugar. If you cannot resist your cravings for juice, try pouring some into a glass filled halfway with water. This will dilute the excessive amounts of sugar while still satisfying your need for flavor.… Read More