How to Store Food?

How to Store Food?

We have all learned some tricks from home. How to relieve a sore throat naturally, how to treat a wound, how to keep wasps out of your garden and so on. However, there are some things you may not know how to do. You have never learned them, never thought about them or anything like that. That is very annoying, because you can learn many things that can help you in many situations. Some tips are more useful than others, but we have only selected the best ones. In this case, these are food storage tips. This is trickier than most people think, especially if you want to keep food long enough. We are therefore going to give you a hand, because it is a lot easier than you think and actually within reach. Read on for some great tips!

Special glass

First, we start with the least known but one of the most unusual ways of storing your food. You do this with Miron glass. This type of glass filters UV radiation from sunlight and therefore you do not suffer from a reduced lifespan of certain oils, foods, superfoods, herbs, honey and the like. This special glass is therefore a true natural miracle. Do you really want to increase your lifespan? Then buy a glass pipette as well. You can use this for oils and the like, but also if you choose to store personal care products in the Miron glass. This also lends itself extremely well to those uses.

Keep it cool

Some products cannot be kept cool, this will only reduce their lifespan. Fortunately, there are Miron glasses for that. For the products that you can keep cool, you obviously have a fridge. It is true that many foods can be kept better in a cool environment. Bacteria thrive better in a warmer climate, where they multiply easily. In a cooler climate, this is much more difficult and this is why many products stay good longer in the fridge. It is best to set your refrigerator between 2ºC and 6ºC, this is generally (not for all products) recommended.


Freezing is also an excellent option, but be a little careful with this. Many foods lose some of their taste when you freeze them. Therefore, it is best not to do this unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do choose to do it, do it properly. Look on the internet for the best way to freeze a specific food item to preserve its flavour.