Providing Care For The Duration Of The Day

When a few hours a day just isn’t enough to provide the healthcare that someone needs, 24-hour care might be the best option. This is a type of care that is provided during the day and at night so that the patient is monitored for any emergencies that might arise and to ensure that the health issues that the patient has are properly addressed at any time. If you are the one providing this type of care, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you get the rest that you need during the day in order to perform the care that the patient needs.

Providing Care For The Duration Of The Day

One of the things to keep in mind about a 24 hour nursing care Manhattan NY company is that there might be different people working during the day and at night unless someone lives in the home with the patient. While you’re the one tending to the patient’s needs, you need to ensure that all medications are properly organized and that the patient has taken those medications during the day. The care that you provide will often depend on the time of day, which is something that you need to remember if you have another job or if you want someone else to help you.

The morning hours are usually the busiest along with the time just before going to bed. The patient will need to be taken to the bathroom in the morning and usually examined to determine if there are any issues that developed overnight. This is also a time when you might want to go ahead and give the patient a bath so that the person feels clean and refreshed for the day. Once the patient is bathed and dressed, you can usually begin making breakfast for the patient while getting medications ready for the day.

The evening hours are a bit different. You’re going to get the patient dressed to be comfortable while sleeping. Ask if the patient would like to take a bath before bed as this can be relaxing for many people. During the day, you’re going to want to make sure the patient is able to use the bathroom and that meals are given as well as any snacks that the person wants. If the person requires care for 24 hours, then you could clean the home, monitor vital signs, or assist with any mobility issues that are present.

While you’re working with the patient, listen to the needs that the person has along with any changes that are presented during the time you work in the home. Many people want a companion instead of someone who is only there to provide medical services all day. Take the time to talk to your patient and find out a few things that they want to do during the day. Taking the patient to appointments and running errands will usually be part of your day, so you should try to schedule a time that is convenient for both your and the patient well ahead of when you need to travel.