What You Should Know About Deodorant & Breast Cancer

What You Should Know About Deodorant & Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects many people. Researchers work to create treatments and to understand more about this deadly disease. As time as gone on, researchers have discovered a possible cause for breast cancer. Underarm deodorants that are applied close to the breast could be a possible reason for breast cancer. Certain antiperspirants and deodorants may be made of harmful ingredients. These harmful ingredients have scientists wondering if these ingredients can cause breast cancer. However, there is little evidence that links antiperspirants and deodorants to causing cancer cells to develop in the breast. At this time, there is merely research being conducted to test if there is a link.

Antiperspirants and deodorants tend to be based with ingredients that have aluminum compounds. These compounds are harmful because they form a plug in the ducts in the underarm. These plugs prohibit sweat from flowing on the surface of the skin. Scientists are wondering if applying deodorant close to the breast is being absorbed into the breast and producing a hormone similar to estrogen.

Estrogen is known to increase breast cancer cell growth. Some researchers believe aluminum-based compounds can cause estrogen to grow in the best which may lead to breast cancer. Some scientists even suggest aluminum-based compounds can directly influence breast tissue. Still, there are no studies or surveys that have confirmed this theory. There is not enough research to suggest aluminum increase the risk of a person having breast cancer.

The relationships between breast cancer and deodorants have been researched a few times. More studies are planned to better understand how aluminum deodorants can be connected to breast cancer. In 2002, there was a study conducted that tested this theory of this connection. The study revealed there was no risk increase for breast cancer on the people who had used deodorants or antiperspirants that contained aluminum. The results of the survey disclosed that blades or razors did not increase the chances of breast cancer either. These results come from the survey that tested both women with and without breast cancer. There were 813 women with breast cancer in the survey and there were an additional 793 women who did not have breast cancer who were tested as well.

Breast health is very important. All women should take the health of their breast seriously. Going to the doctor to get routine checkups is vital to having healthy breast. Practicing breast health at home is simple. Check for lumps in the breast. If you find one, then a doctor should be visited immediately for more testing. There are many elements to breast health like a breast augmentation bellevue wa, eating the right diet, checking for lumps, creams for breast tissues and other treatments.

Augmentations are more serious. Sometimes women choose to get an augmentation for cosmetic reasons to either increase or decrease the size of the breast. Some women choose to get smaller breasts because large breasts hurt their back. Some women choose to get an augmentation to remove breast to limit breast cancer from returning in their breast.