Simplest Way to Whiten the Teeth

The teeth should change colour ever so slowly and for many people it can take a few years unless they take a sudden liking to red wine or coffee and this can decrease the time as the colouring elements in our foods and drink are the main culprit to making our teeth look yellow.

A beaming smile that is consistent in colour and showing a whiter colour will make you feel good about yourself and will increase self confidence especially when we smile. Recent research has proven that by increasing the amount of smiles we undertake each day will make us feel much happier and wit whiter teeth you can have the confidence this can be done showing your newly whitened smile!

Smokers tend to get stained teeth easier than many of us who do not smoke as the nicotine will enter the teeth every time you breathe in the smoke and eventually this will seep in to the teeth and makes them yellow with a slight grey overtone. Smokers tend to have more external staining as this is easier to remove for many. If heavy smoker for many years has really deep staining then this can be more challenging to remove and sometimes can even penetrate to the dentin below the enamel and this is sometimes too late leaving only veneers as the possible solution to having a brighter smile.

Celebrity smokers like Simon Cowell opt for veneers as they show off a great healthy smile but do not get as stained as the more porous natural teeth. And if you have the money veneers are a great option but many would agree if you have nice shaped teeth then changing them for veneers is a bit of a shame and teeth whitening is a less traumatic or drastic option to keep them white without changing the natural teeth in any way.

One of the simplest ways to whiten the teeth is at home by purchasing a home kit which can be a few pounds in price but can be done in the comfort of your home. If used often they will whiten the teeth quite well as long as the staining is not too deep in the pores of the enamel.

Another option is the laser whitening method which is popular because of the speed it whitens the teeth in suck little time well around 60-70 minutes in total so looking for a fast white smile this is a really good option as other than sitting in the chair for this time it requires no effort on your part.

Whatever system you select once you have whiter teeth then the key is to keep them looking that way for the future and the challenge is the teeth are porous and not guaranteed to stay white forever.